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Good2GoNow just got better!

 Introducing … the NEW fully transactional Good2GoNow website.

 Tell me more …

 Good2GoNow will continue to provide clients with safe and fair access to household items whilst also saving them money. But now there’s more! The new website offers great improvements to the process and outcomes for you and your clients. We’re talking a faster and easier service with more product options and increased savings.

 Of course The Good Guys Commercial Team will remain available to assist you with any queries and you can continue to call us anytime on 1300 22 55 64.

 What are the benefits of using this website?

 •You can view and access the entire The Good Guys range -over 4,000 products.

 •You will be able to see ‘Live’ commercial pricing –no need to request a quote.

 •Current stock availability and delivery pricing is readily available.

 •You have the ability to transact your clients’ orders online –this provides a faster turnaround time for you and your clients.

 •It’s a website so there is 24 hour access and it’s available on mobile and tablets.

 •ALL fridges and washing machines are eligible for FREE delivery –providing more choice and greater savings for clients.

 Sounds great! How do I do this?

 To get access to the website you will need to complete a Credit Application Form and also provide us with the details of the people that will require a website login.

 Please email your interest to and we’ll assist you from there.

 What happens next?

 You’re sure to have plenty of questions! We will get you set up and arrange training for your team. This session should only take about an hour as the website is very easy to navigate.

 Contact Us

 Don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 22 55 64 or email

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