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Step by Step

The following steps provide a helpful guide for ordering products with Good2GoNow for a NILS loan.

*PLEASE NOTE: The process for a StepUP loan is different. See the documents below for details or contact Good Shepherd Microfinance on for more details. 

Product selection

  1. Discuss product requirements with your client - including if they will require delivery and installation.  
  2. Read the Need2Know section of this website for valuable information prior to product selection.
  3. Review the Good2GoNow range to make your selection. Call 1300 22 55 64 if you require any assistance with product selection.
  4. We can also quote on and supply products that aren’t featured in the Good2GoNow range just call 1300 22 55 64.
  5. To view products visit your local The Good Guys store.  Advise your client to approach the Front Counter and ask the Administration Manager for assistance.  Your client should mention that they are purchasing through the Good2GoNow program.
  6. Please note requests for quotes and orders should be directed to the Good2GoNow service (on this website or via the Quote Request Form) not to the local store.
  7. Confirm product selection with your client.  


Placing an order

  1. Complete and submit the Quote Request Form on this website. Alternatively you can forward the Good2GoNow Quote Request Form via email to or fax to 03 8346 0560.  The Quote Request Form is available at  the bottom of this page or on the Good Shepherd Microfinance portal. 
  2. When the Quote Request Form is received we will confirm the amount to be invoiced with you by return email or fax. 
  3. Should the selected product be out of stock we will advise you of an estimated delivery date or suggest an alternative product.
  4. Please advise if the quote is approved and you would like us to proceed. Please ensure that the client has signed the loan agreement prior to advising that you would like us to proceed with the order.
  5. Approved orders will be directed to the client’s local The Good Guys store –that is the closest store either geographically or with available stock. 

Product delivery

  1. The store will contact your client within 24 hours of the order being placed and organise a suitable time for delivery of their product.  If the product is to be collected an agreeable time will be organised.
  2. Your client will receive an invoice with the product.  Their details will appear in the ‘Delivery Instructions’ section of the invoice.  Your client must keep the invoice for warranty purposes.
  3. Should your client need to use the manufacturer’s warranty they should contact The Good Guys store where the product came from or contact the manufacturer directly.


  1. The sale will be charged to the Good2GoNow account which is managed by The Good Guys Commercial team.
  2. As soon as the store receives the order they will commence fulfilment of the product.  We do not need to receive payment to proceed with the order.
  3. An invoice from The Good Guys Commercial team will be issued to you.
  4. Payment should be issued to Commercial Sales, The Good Guys.

    Preferred payment methods are:

    EFT Transaction / Direct Debit
    Account Name: The Good Guys Discount Warehouse (Aust)
    BSB 083-054
    A/C 844-323-811
    Reference (Docket Number eg D##########)

    Made payable to : “The Good Guys Discount Warehouse”
    and mailed to : Commercial Sales, The Good Guys, PO Box 154, Niddrie, VIC  3042


Documents available to download

  • Click here to download the current Good2GoNow March 2016 confidential pricelist 
  • Click here to download the current Good2GoNow March 2016 range for client use 
  • Click here to download the current Good2GoNow March 2016 editable quote request form
  • Click here to download a printable version of the process document
StepUP documents

  • Click here to download the StepUP process flow chart
  • Click here to download the StepUP cover letter for the NAB branch


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