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Delivery and Warranty


We can arrange product delivery or alternatively your client can pick up their products from a The Good Guys store.

A suitable time for delivery of the product will be arranged directly with your client. If the product is to be collected an the store will advise when the product is ready for pick up.

Free Delivery

Good2GoNow is pleased to offer FREE PREMIUM DELIVERY on fridges* and washing machines.  NB This does not include freezers.  Premium delivery is generally available to clients living within 50kms of a The Good Guys store, where this service is not available free 'door to door' delivery will be provided.

'Door to Door' Delivery

Door to Door delivery is our standard delivery service. Getting the purchased product from one of our stores to the nominated delivery address. 

Premium delivery

Premium delivery is The Good Guys upgraded delivery service. The Good Guys will deliver the product you have purchased into your home, unpack it from the box, then take away all packaging for you as well as removing your old product. Premium delivery is available for large kitchen appliances and laundry appliances.

Premium delivery is not available for televisions, entertainment units, portable appliances, technology products and accessories.

Standard charges apply for single storey dwellings, additional charges may apply for dwellings with stairs. If you have purchased Premium delivery and would like your old product to be taken away, it must be fully disconnected or uninstalled and be readily available for easy removal upon delivery of your new product.


Please note that installations are not included as part of the delivery price.

The Good2GoNow team can provide you with a quote for installation of appliances including televisions, air conditioners, dishwashers or cooking appliances.  The cost of installation should be included as part of the purchase price.


Should a client have any issues with their product they should contact The Good Guys store where the goods were purchased for further advice regarding after sales service.  The Good Guys staff may be able to resolve the problem if it is an operational issue.

Please contact The Good Guys Commercial Sales if a copy of the Tax Invoice is required.

Since 1 January 2011, all products sold through The Good Guys stores are automatically covered by the Consumer Guarantees detailed in the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

This law has been designed to protect the consumer when you buy goods and services. Every time you purchase, lease or hire goods or services anywhere in Australia, you are automatically given certain rights. The law requires that your product must be free from defects and do what it’s meant to do. If this is not the case, you may be entitled to a remedy. The type of remedy depends on the circumstances but may include repair or for major faults, replacement of goods or a refund. These rights are known as consumer guarantees The availability of a remedy under the consumer guarantees however isn’t specifically detailed and the right to a remedy will depend on factors such as the age type and price of the product. It's important to us that you know what your rights are. So if you would like further information about your rights and the Australian Consumer and Competition Act please call us or you can visit