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The Good2GoNow program offers great benefits to NILS workers and clients. 

  • National, centralised service with local store contact and delivery

  • Discounted pricing

  • Quality brands

  • Energy efficient products eligible for HESS subsidies

  • Call 1300 22 55 64 for product information, quotes, orders, payment or other queries

What is Good2GoNow?

The Good2GoNow program is coordinated by Good Shepherd Microfinance and The Good Guys. Good2GoNow is a national buying service which delivers products locally.  The Good Guys Commercial team will provide you with a centralised contact point for all your queries, quotes, orders and payments. Once you have submitted your order it will be sent to your local The Good Guys store who will contact your client to organise their product for them.

This process offers a national solution to NILS workers, whilst still providing your clients access to their local store for personalised service and product delivery.

The Good2GoNow range features the best, energy efficient products to meet your clients’ needs and ensures that minimum funding guidelines are met.  In addition the program offers your clients discounted prices and you can be assured that they will receive the best possible deal - removing the stress of having to negotiate.

We can also assist with supplying products that aren’t featured in the Good2GoNow range at the same discounted pricing.  Please refer any quotation requests to us.  Call 1300 22 55 64 and we would be happy to answer any queries you might have.

The Good Guys

Since our inception back in 1952, The Good Guys have been known for providing consumers with quality products at the most competitive prices. Further to this, we pride ourselves on delivering a high level of customer service, and have been recognised for having the industry’s most satisfied customers by both Canstar and Roy Morgan. 

Good Shepherd Microfinance

We are a non-profit organisation which offers people-centred financial programs and services for people on low incomes at 650 locations across Australia. Our services enable people to define and then to realise their own economic wellbeing and to feel valued and in control of their finances. 

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  • Should you have any queries about how to place an order with the Good2GoNow program please read the Step by Step section of this website. Or you can contact us directly, we would be happy to help.

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